Great news! My grant proposal, entitled “Field and microstructural investigation of strain localization processes, texture development, and the rheology of naturally deformed lower crust”, was recently approved for funding by the National Science Foundation Tectonics Program.

This research focuses on naturally deformed, compositionally heterogeneous deep crustal granulite exposures in the Mount Hay block of central Australia and is rooted in field-based investigation, and integrated with microstructural studies, strain analysis, and textural analysis using electron backscatter diffraction. Using these methods, this research will provide quantitative constraints on:

  1. deformation heterogeneity and strain localization processes in the deep crust
  2. the compositional and tectonic controls the micromechanics of deformation in polyphase aggregates
  3. the rheology of heterogeneous lower crustal lithologies.

Further, this study aims to explore the role of strain geometry on the development of crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO) in plagioclase-dominated rocks (e.g., gabbro), offering immense potential for improving the interpretation of lithospheric processes that depend on fabric anisotropy (e.g., seismic anisotropy, viscous anisotropy, melt percolation). For more information please read the official NSF award announcement.

This project has support for multiple graduate and undergraduate students interested in international research experiences, so whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in this (or other) research opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are a prospective student interested in applying to our graduate program, more information can be found on our departmental graduate program webpages.

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